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Celebrating Birthdays Card Kit (stamp included!) by Donna

This beautiful set of birthday cards is not only colorful but they are suitable for any age including the “guys” in your life.  Included in this  kit are 6 cards with envelopes along with a stamp set to help decorate your envelopes. Some decorative paper, and die cut pieces are provided to use with the stamp set to tie in the theme of your cards.  Sample envelopes are available for inspiration.  All cards will have either written instruction or a video. Photos of each card will be sent via email.  Don’t hesitate on this one as there are limited stamp sets.


Supplies needed:

Foam (any type: tape or round)


White glue and 1/4” score tape

Tweezers (helpful but not required)

Glossy accents for the cherry (not required but nice to have)

Cost: $ 39.00