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We will be using the large alphabet set of letters to make notecards with the initial of your choice. These make a nice personalized gift or use for yourself. You will learn how to use a combination of vines and flowers to decorate each letter and add shading to give the letter more dimension. Once you make one you will want to paint more. The gift set will include a set of 4 cards, envelopes and a gift box.


Please bring: size 4 round paint brush, palette and cup for water. Some flowers and vines are needed for this project. I used the branches set/#4964, flower set 3/#5007 and mini flower set/#5009. The alphabets will be available for use in class. You can use whatever colors you like. I used the following colors in the sample:   Marvy pens in Sepia and African violet. Tombow pens in 177/dark jade and 526/true blue.

Cost: $ 23.00